Webco Team Attends Intech Information DuPont Seminar


Lafayette, La.

The Webco Team attended an intensive seminar given by Intech Information Institute that provided the team with a comprehensive and complete understanding of the critical areas that impact growth for coating companies around the world.  They learned the full range of the DuPont Fluoropolymer product line, and the outstanding characteristics for each. They also gained valuable insight about product selection criteria in order to make accurate product recommendations. 


The Intech Information Institute one and one-half day seminar was designed to provide attendees with not only technical knowledge but also an overview of the sales process for the product. Knowing both ends of the coating industry gave the Webco team the knowledge to be better equipped to develop new coating marketing and sales opportunities.


DuPont Fluoropolymer coatings are used in nearly every industry in some capacity. Understanding these industries, as well as the inherent values that DuPont fluoropolymer coatings deliver, allowed the Webco team to increase their understanding and recognition to target industries.

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