Manufactured by Whitford Corp., Xylan is the trade name for a group of coatings made up of the fluoropolymers polytetrafluoroethylene, perfluoroalkoxy polymer, and fluorinated ethylene propylene.

Xylan protects the useful life of metal parts, and protects them from saltwater corrosion and damage from extreme friction. A thin Xylan film applied to a part protects it to 150,000-psi tensile strength, and can prevent galling and seizing that would occur with lesser coatings. There are 13 Xylan products that are well-suited for use in the oil and gas industry. Some parts can be protected sufficiently with just a single coating of Xylan. Other parts may require that Xylan be used in addition to a primer, mid-coat, and/or top coat to achieve optimal protection. 


Benefits of Dry-film Lubricants

Xylan falls into a category of coatings known as dry-film lubricant coatings, which protect and lubricate while they are in solid rather than liquid phase. Some benefits of dry-film lubricants include:

• They remain effective at very high and very low temperatures where liquid lubricants would vaporize or freeze.
• They are characterized by low-friction, meaning that they can accommodate much more wear than liquid lubricants.
• They provide good non-stick and release properties.
• They are extremely corrosion and chemical resistant.

Why Use Xylan?

Sometimes, a material used to construct a particular part or accessory may look great on paper. It may be the ideal weight and provide optimal strength for the application, and it may come with an attractive price point. The only problem may be that its surface properties aren’t able to withstand the rigors of oil and gas industry applications.

Webco’s skilled team can solve this problem by applying a coating of Xylan, which will provide the needed surface properties that the original material lacks.

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