Copper Plating

Copper plating is a popular option for lubricating parts used in oil and gas industry applications. This coating method is highly effective in protecting high-alloy threaded parts from galling, which is a form of wear caused by friction and adhesion between sliding surfaces.

Webco utilizes the Selective Plating Process, which allows a smooth, consistent deposit of copper to be applied to localized areas such as threaded connections and sealing surfaces.

The Copper Plating Process

Copper is deposited onto the part in question using an electric current in combination with either an alkaline-, mildly alkaline-, or acid-complexed bath. Depending on the finish that a client wants (matte or shiny), we tweak the chemistry used in the plating bath.

To achieve uniform plating consistency (which results in uniform protection of the entire part) chemicals or other additives are used in the process to achieve a smooth result.

Critical oil and gas applications demand precision, accurate parts. Even the failure of the smallest threaded connection, for instance, can set off a disastrous chain of events. You can trust your components to Webco Coating, Inc. We’re diligent about our processes and quality-control measures and pledge to get the job done right, and right on time.

We’ll Get the Job Done

Dependable. Professional. Responsive. Fair. Accessible. The team at Webco Coating, Inc. knows that in critical oil and gas industry applications, time is of the essence and accuracy and precision are critical. Whatever it is that you throw our way, you can count on the pros at Webco to get the job done right the first time, and on-time.

Webco is proud to be Louisiana family-owned and –operated. We are equipped to handle jobs large and small and jobs that are classified as routine or rush. In all cases, we’ll provide unparalleled customer service.

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