Zinc Phosphate

At Webco Coating, we use zinc phosphate as a pretreatment for nearly every job we complete. Zinc phosphate works well with our suite of coating materials, including our solid film and dry-film lubricants. As a base coat, zinc phosphate brings a number of benefits to the table, including:

• Gives ferrous metals (primarily steel and galvanized steel) both non-metallic and non-conducive properties.
• Improves corrosion resistance.
• Improves lubricity.
• Provides a porous base for a wide range of secondary coatings (such as oil or wax) for even better corrosion resistance and lubricity.
• Reduces wear on static and moving adjacent parts.
• Reduces damage from galling.

Our zinc phosphate application process is performed at our spacious facility by a team of experienced and highly trained coating applicators. We can perform dip application for more fragile parts or spray application for larger parts, depending on the demands of each individual job.

At Webco Coating, we follow an industry-accepted series of steps to ensure complete coverage and to meet safety guidelines. To begin, we clean and rinse the part to be coated. Then we apply a surface activation treatment before applying the zinc phosphate coating. Zinc phosphate is an excellent pretreatment for our other coatings, including Xylan dry-film lubricants and molybdenum disulfide greases, oils, and aerosols.

We’ll Get the Job Done

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Webco is proud to be Louisiana family-owned and –operated. We are equipped to handle jobs large and small and jobs that are classified as routine or rush. In all cases, we’ll provide unparalleled customer service.

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