Polytetrafluoroethylene plays an important role in safeguarding oil and gas industry parts and equipment. The same anti-sticking properties that make PTFE a popular coating for cookware,  keep solids from adhering to critical oil and gas industry parts and equipment both on land and undersea.

PTFE’s Beneficial Properties

Thanks to its strong carbon-fluorine bonds, PTFE is very non-reactive and can be used where it will come into contact with reactive and corrosive chemicals. In the petroleum industry, PTFE often is used as a lubricant to minimize wear and friction. Other PTFE properties that are especially useful in industrial applications include its resistance to temperature extremes of both heat and cold, and cracking resulting from extreme pressure.

One of the biggest reasons why industrial coatings are so important in oil and gas industry applications is to prevent damage and deterioration resulting from friction. PTFE's low coefficient of friction (typically ranging from 0.05 to 0.20 depending on load, slide speed, and specific product used) make it a smart choice for demanding industrial applications.

Webco also uses PTFE coatings in applications when keeping parts dry is advisable. PTFE coatings are oleophobic and hydrophobic causing moisture to bead up and disperse.

Petrochemical Applications 

While PTFE’s uses in the oil and gas industry applications are myriad, some specific examples where PTFE is especially beneficial include:

• Protecting pump parts from friction,
•Protecting trees, wellheads, manifolds, and separators from corrosion, and
•Protecting fasteners from galling damage.

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