Webco Coating, Inc. has been serving the needs of Acadiana’s oil and gas, chemical solutions, marine and automotive industries since 1976.  Companies of all sizes have put their trust in us, and we continue to earn this trust and business by improving, evolving, and growing each year.

Whitford reconfirms Webco Coating, Inc. as a premier Custom Applicator in the US

November 2016, Lafayette, Louisiana.  Whitford, makers of the world’s largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings, has reconfirmed Webco Coating, Inc. as a member of

the “Whitford Recommended Coater” (WRC) program and awarded a new plaque to Jerod and Chance Angelle.  Bill Pernice, industry expert for Whitford, states, “We are pleased to recognize Webco Coating as a supplier that positions its custom-coating facilities to exceed customer expectations.”

The Whitford Recommended Coater program recognizes custom coaters who meet certain demanding criteria.  Among them: the coater must have thorough knowledge of Whitford c...

Webco Team Attends Virtual Paint Training Program

Lafayette, La. 

The Webco team attended an Intech Services VirtualPaint® Training Program for DuPont Liquid Fluoropolymer Coatings.  The interactive one day training program allowed the team to improve their spraying technique through a virtual program simulated to be similar to spraying actual paint.   The simulation eliminates

Webco Awarded Whitford Recommended Coater Designation

Lafayette, La.

Jerod and Chance Angelle, brothers and co-owners of Webco Industrial Coatings, Inc., were recently awarded the prestigious Whitford Recommended Coater (WRC) designation from Whitford, the industry leader in fluoropolymer coatings. To earn this coveted accolade, the Webco leadership team had to meet several demanding criteria, including the completion of a Whitford training program (both Jerod and Chance have completed two), demonstrating knowledge and experience in applying Whitford coatings, and implementing a quality control program at their Lafayette coatings facility.

Webco has long used Xylan, one of Whitford's signature industrial coating products, which has numerous applications in the oil and gas industry. Xylan provides exceptional corrosion resistance, especially in salt-water environments, like those found in offshore drilling operations. The Webco team is proud of their achievement and will continue to uphold Whitford's rigorous standards of...

Webco Completes New Facility

Lafayette, La.

Webco recently finished the expansion of their facility  on 1708 East Butcher Switch Road in Lafayette, Louisiana.  The project doubled Webco's capacity leading to faster turnaround times, as well as the ability to process larger parts as well as larger orders. 
 Along with the expansion, Webco has increased their oven sizes and their overall technology.   They now have the ability to facilitate projects with large equipment, such as BOP Packages, completion tools, down-hole tools, and more.  These new updates further Webco's guarantee of providing unparalleled customer service with a full array of coating options. 

Webco Team Attends Intech Information DuPont Seminar

Lafayette, La.

The Webco Team attended an intensive seminar given by Intech Information Institute that provided the team with a comprehensive and complete understanding of the critical areas that impact growth for coating companies around the world.  They learned the full range of the DuPont Fluoropolymer product line, and the outstanding characteristics for each. They also gained valuable insight about product selection criteria in order to make accurate prod...

Experienced & Efficient

Our experience has enabled us to streamline and fine-tune our services and efficiency to such a degree that we boast turnaround times that lead the industry. We’re always on call and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that you meet your deadlines, and that you meet them within budget.


Specializing in wet-film coatings to control corrosion and to reduce damage from friction, wear, chemical exposure, and temperature extremes, Webco offers the following suite of coating services:

  • Xylan
  • PTFE
  • Copper Plating
  • Molybdenum Disulfide
  • Phenolic Epoxy
  • Zinc Phosphate
Our large base of loyal, long-term customers are testament to our quality workmanship, our ability to accommodate rush jobs of all sizes, and our outstanding customer service.