Webco Team Attends Virtual Paint Training Program


Lafayette, La. 

The Webco team attended an Intech Services VirtualPaint® Training Program for DuPont Liquid Fluoropolymer Coatings.  The interactive one day training program allowed the team to improve their spraying technique through a virtual program simulated to be similar to spraying actual paint.   The simulation eliminates any waste associated with traditional spray application training.  Unlike conventional spray training courses, the hands-on program allowed attendees far greater opportunities to work on their application technique with limitless coating opportunities. 

VirtualPaint® was developed by the Iowa Waste Reduction Center at The University of Northern Iowa to reduce waste and while saving time and resources associated with paint spray training.  The system provides real time spray efficiency and film thickness.  Trainees will have far greater opportunities to improve their spray technique without the added costs of traditional training.  

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